Cafe Review Ipad App

This is an iPad App I created using the Adobe Digital Solutions Software for a poetry publication I work for called, The Cafe Review. The goal was to make an online version of the printed issues that we produce. As a test run, I started with creating an online version of the four archived issues we produced in 2008.

I created an overall app landing/homepage that allowed the viewer to select which of the four issues the viewer would like to view, and then created a full issue for each of the spring, fall, summer and winter issues that we published in 2008. Each issue was a complete online copy of the printed issues with poetry, artwork, reviews, bios for all the poets, artists, reviewers in the issue, interviews and interviewer bios as needed.

Unfortunately due to Adobes pricing we were not able to do more issues or get it in the App Store but it will still a great exercise for me to learn something completely new and create something that visually looked wonderful.

This is an image from the poets bio page I created for the fall 2008 issue. If a poet included a webpage in their bio, I created a clickable link for viewers to click on.


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