TD Ameritrade Thank You Box

This was a box constructed to send to TD Ameritrade after their visit to The VIA Agency. The challenge was to create 10 box interiors in 2 days that had a professional and personal touch to hold a box of chocolates, boot grease, notebook and pen, all items with various depths and sizes.

The solution was to hand cut custom holes out of foam to hold each of the pieces being sent, so the visual difference between the various objects was minimized. The cut foam was then covered in black silk and the entire inside topped with black foam core.

The final touch was having a personal letter on the top of each box and having the entire package sealed with a red wax seal. The seal was handmade by a friend of mine out of silver.

Welch’s Webpage

Webpage made for the Welch’s website.

Viewers could watch videos promoting Welch’s products to unlock redeemable coupons. The point of the page design was to create something that reflected the established brand look and feel while also being fun and interesting to encourage visitor engagement.

Created at The VIA Agency.

LoJack Logo

Due to a series of unfortunate events, a logo we received from a freelance designer was a photoshop file instead of being the required vector art file. My job was to recreate it in Illustrator as a vector logo.

The original logo created in Photoshop is on the left, my recreated Illustrator version is on the right. The recreation took about one week. Done while at The VIA Agency.