Shutterfly TV Props

For the Shutterfly TV spot which can be viewed on youtube here, my job was to create some of the props for the shoot.

Each of the shots of the website shown on the TV was actually made from an Illustrator file I created based on the shutterfly website rather then the actual website itself since the visual quality of the Illustrator file would look much better.

The biggest challenge was creating the actual books used in the commercial. The commercial was being shot over 3 days. The decision of which actors were being used in the commercial was not finalized until the first day of shooting and that meant that the first day of shooting was a still photo shoot creating the images to be used to create the shutterfly books needed to create the commercial. Because of the timeline usedto shoot the commercial, this meant that the shutterfly book needed to be used in the commercial had to be made overnight so the scenes with the actors interacting with shutterfly books with the actors pictures could be shot the next day. Since all of shutterfly’s books are made in China, this was a problem. There was no time for the books to be made the traditional way a shutterfly book would normally be made.

The solution was to have several blank shutterfly books on hand at VIA. After the still photo shoot on the first day of shooting, the photos were sent to VIA, placed in the shutterfly templates and used to create the shutterfly books used in the commercial. We created about 12-15 books and sent them overnight to be used the next day for the rest of the shoot.