Sam’s Club

I worked on the Sam’s Club account at VIA for the last three years. During that time I was a Senior Production Designer for the account in charge of creating everything from their annual Christmas catalogs, the quarterly produced Instant Savings Books, billboards, flyers, print ads, FSI’s, postcards, emails, splash pages, digital banner ads and all forms of social media. My job also included retouching photography from photo shoots, going on press checks around the US to guarantee product quality, and help produce the brand guidelines for Sam’s Club. Because I was the Senior Production Designer on the acoount, my job also included designing and implementing various new production procedures and standards as needed for VIA such as new work flow processes and/or InDesign/Photoshop templates for print and social media work.

Welch’s Webpage

Webpage made for the Welch’s website.

Viewers could watch videos promoting Welch’s products to unlock redeemable coupons. The point of the page design was to create something that reflected the established brand look and feel while also being fun and interesting to encourage visitor engagement.

Created at The VIA Agency.