Sexual Assault of Adults by Clergy

Sexual Exploitation of Adults by Clergy

Written for the average state senator, church layman and curious individual, this book was created to discuss what sexual exploitation of adults by clergy is, what can be done about it and why anyone should care. It is written in a simple question/answer format allowing the reader to read the book traditionally cover to cover, or by bouncing around the book question by question in a choose-your-own-adventure style. The intention of the book is to be a resource in helping convince state congressmen to pass laws to make sexual exploitation of adults a criminal vs church matter, just as inappropriate conduct with doctors and patients or teachers and students is a criminal vs medical or school matter.

Photoshop Class

Intro to Digital Imaging and Painting

With a focus on improving their drawing and illustration skills, students in this freshman foundation drawing and painting class go from learning and using very basic Photoshop tools to feeling comfortable executing advanced Photoshop techniques. The goal of the class is two fold: 1- improve your drawing and illustration skills and 2- become as comfortable using Photoshop as they would with a traditional media such as pencil, chalk or paint. Below is a small selection of the exercises we did step-by-step together in class to prep students for their weekly homework assignments.

Pen Tool
Drawing with the Pen Tool
Drawing with only vector objects
Using adjustment layers
Intro to textures
Drawing children's book characters
3D Type
Clone Stamp/Healing Brush Tool
Puppet Warp


Jim Sterling Architect Boards

For this Landscape Architecture and Urban Design Planning Office, I was in charge of creating logos, infographics, websites and various other visual materials as needed for MRLD and other guest clients. Many of the materials I created here were built to foster public dialogue at public town/city meetings for controversial local issues such as local development projects, urban planning, effective ways to combat sprawl and ways to build constructive dialogue so all parties can move past the NIMBY (not in my backyard) phase of the project.

Maine Coast Heritage Trust

"Through the support of thousands of people, Maine Coast Heritage Trust works from Lubec to Kittery to protect and care for Maine’s unspoiled, threatened coastal land—giving the public permanent access to the special places and experiences only found here.

Maine Coast Heritage Trust was founded in 1970 to protect the very best of the Maine coast, and they’ve come a long way in the last 50 years, conserving more than 150,000 acres and creating more than 100 public preserves open to all.

Today, they work out of four different offices and in all seven coastal counties to protect land, care for the land, connect the public to the coast, and support other Maine land trusts."

Yes on 1

Yes on 1

Also known as the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, Question 1 was designed to legalize, regulate, and tax marijuana in Maine as an agricultural product. The measure allowed individuals over the age of 21 to possess and use marijuana, also providing for the licensure of retail facilities and marijuana social clubs. The measure required that the marijuana industry be regulated by the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry; that municipalities be allowed to limit the operation of retail stores; and that a 10 percent tax be placed on marijuana sales.

New England Analytical

New England Analytical

Electron and Optical Microscopy Imaging and Analysis

New England Analytical is a service laboratory focused on electron and optical microscopy imaging and analysis. Photonic, electronic, MEMs, display components, thin films, and microelectronic packaging have been the historical focus of this facility. They work directly with manufacturing personnel and R/D engineers as an early stage collaborator to characterize the products and processes that result in higher yields, high reliability, and lower costs.