Below is a brief selection of companies/people/brands I've had the privilege to work with and for.

Graphic Designer

Currently I am a graphic designer for a small, boutique design studio in Portland, Maine focusing on brand design and corporate creative problem solving. I’ve worked on everything from creating z-fold brochures for a Maine land trust to developing an icon system for a bank specializing in renewable energy, to marketing and packaging design for a local brewery, to creating infographics, powerpoint templates and report redesigns for a national Healthcare nonprofit who work with US Congressman, local healthcare providers, hospitals and insurance companies across the US in a quest to make healthcare more affordable for everyone.

Adjunct Professor — FN 101 DP1: Digital Imaging-Drawing & Painting

With a focus on improving their drawing and illustration skills, students in this freshman foundation drawing and painting class go from learning and using very basic Photoshop tools to feeling comfortable executing advanced Photoshop techniques. The goal of the class is two fold: 1- improve your drawing and illustration skills and 2- become as comfortable using Photoshop as they would with a traditional media such as pencil, chalk or paint.

Assistant Studio Manager and Senior Studio Designer

I was the lead production designer and fill-in-as-needed art director for the Samsung, Klondike, Peoples United Bank, LoJack, Perdue, Welch’s, Shutterfly, Sam’s Club and Friendly’s accounts, among others. For the over three years I worked specifically on the Sam’s Club account, I eventually became the Sam’s Club production team lead helping manage 4-5 other production designers who were also on this account. My job included creating various printed and web based promotional materials including billboards, flyers, print ads, FSI’s, postcards, emails, splash pages, digital banner ads and all forms of social media promotions. I also retouched photography from photo shoots, designed and implemented various new production procedures and work flow processes for VIA and traveled all over the US for on-site press checks for multi-million dollar accounts among other various responsibilities.

Associate Creative Designer

Working through Aquent, I worked onsite at LL Bean for over a year creating promotional emails and online promos for various aspects of including the homepage, department pages, search pages, and sale pages.

Graphic & Web Designer

For this Landscape Architecture and Urban Design Planning Office, I was in charge of creating logos, infographics, websites and various other visual materials as needed for MRLD and other guest clients. Many of the materials I created here were built to foster public dialogue at public town/city meetings for controversial local issues such as local development projects, urban planning, effective ways to combat sprawl and ways to build constructive dialogue so all parties can move past the NIMBY (not in my backyard) phase of the project.

Thanks to Puelle Design and VIA, below are some of the many name brands I've had the pleasure to work with