If good design is good business, bad design is throwing away a winning lottery ticket every week.

I truly believe we are living in a golden age of great design. Ask anyone involved with having an online business and they will tell you how important good design is to getting a website visitor to complete their user journey to buy a product online, or how important it is to have pages set up a certain way for maximum SEO rankings. Good design has gone from a niche nice-to-have to an absolute necessity.

Good design = Good communication. It includes everything that your customer/consumer sees and touches, not just your marketing and sales materials. How do your bills and invoices look? Are they paying their way or costing you revenue? How do your presentations look, even internal ones? Are they consistent or a chaotic mess? How are your marketing materials? Do they have a consistent feel and tone with changes feeling carefully thought out or do they feel all over the place being based on the latest trends without any good reason for the change? Without a solid brand foundation to build off, sales materials based on the latest trends can give your company the feeling of a fly-by-night outfit vs a trusted brand.

If any of these problems sound familiar, reach out I love helping companies and entrepreneurs with these issues. It’s kind of my jam.

UI Designer for Energy Circle through Puelle Design

  • 10-30 person firm
  • Focus is on the better building industry, including green builders HVAC companies, architects and non-profits
  • Provide guidance for brand management and develop style guides for clients
  • Create website audits for existing sites needing a redesign
  • Create and design user interfaces and prototypes for client websites using Adobe XD and Figma
  • Work with developer team to create flexible sites that look great but also meet industry guidelines in regards to accessibility, SEO and increased web-based conversions.
  • Since working with EC, their average web-based conversions for their clients has increased 269%, their clients have averaged an additional 57 web-based leads per month (after client site redesign) and organic traffic to their clients sites has increased 174%. While this success is not just due to the revised site designs, the site redesigns are a major contributing factor in each clients increased online success.

Senior Graphic Designer

  • Less than 10 person firm
  • Specializes in branding, advertising, strategic positioning
  • Concept and design brands for clients. Process starts with solidifying the clients strategic brand positioning (archetypes, personas, brand pyramid, etc), and as appropriate, culminates with a new or revised name, logo and other appropriate branded pieces
  • Brand pieces can be both printed and digital media including: flyers, brochures, signage, way finding, websites, social media, infographics, outbound emails, presentations, etc.
  • Clients include large national health care think tanks and ski companies to small local non-profits
  • Point person for all design requests coming from Energy Circle (sister company)

Adjunct Professor — FN 101 DP1: Digital Imaging-Drawing & Painting

  • Approx. 20 freshman (year 1) BFA students
  • 3 hour class twice a week
  • Focus on improving their drawing and illustration skills using Photoshop as a drawing medium
  • Students use the concepts/techniques learned in each class to create their own artwork. The methods/techniques to be used are specified but the content of the artwork is up to each individual student
  • The semester culminates with each student making a final project and portfolio. The final project includes a proposal, process book and final piece. The final portfolio is a digital pdf showing all of their individual homework assignments throughout the semester as well as their final project. The portfolio shows the student’s process through the semester and is used in their end of year review

Assistant Studio Manager and Senior Designer

  • 130+ person ad agency
  • Worked with Samsung, Klondike, Peoples United Bank, LoJack, Perdue, Welch’s, Shutterfly and Sam’s Club, among others
  • Senior designer and fill-in-as-needed art director
  • Became the Sam’s Club production team lead helping manage 4-5 other designers who were also on this account
  • Creating various printed and web based promotional materials including billboards, flyers, print ads, FSI’s, postcards, emails, splash pages, digital banner ads and all forms of social media promotions.
  • Retouched photography from photo shoots
  • Designed and implemented various new procedures and work flow processes for VIA
  • Traveled all over the US for on-site press checks for multi-million dollar accounts among other various responsibilities

Associate Creative Designer

  • 6,000+ person company
  • Privately-held retail company specializes in clothing and outdoor recreation equipment
  • Worked on their digital marketing team
  • Created promotional emails and online promos for various aspects of llbean.com
  • Designed various page updates for the company website, llbean.com, including: homepage, department pages, search pages, and sale pages

Graphic & Web Designer

  • Less than 10 person firm
  • Landscape Architecture and Urban Design Firm
  • Created logos, infographics, websites and various other visual materials as needed
  • Public materials about local development and urban planning projects were created to foster dialogue and deescalate tensions between the public, builders and local government

Some of the brands I've had the honor to do work with

Sam's Club
Lo Jack
foundation brewing company
Maine Coast Heritage Trust
Purchaser Business Group on Health