Works in Process

Here’s an informal space to share what I’ve been working on. Some projects are finished, some are in process, some are just ideas and thoughts.

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  • Bovio Rubino Site Design

    I would like to ask for your help formalizing a design direction for the Bovio Rubino Service website. Here are some details and specifications:

  • Calfo Site Design

    We would like to begin the design process for the new Calfo Heating & Air Conditioning Website: Homepage Design Header will have the Calfo style buttons Hero area — Similar to what is there currently Service section = service previews GatherUp reviews widget Include Service area section (can be similar to current website) Contact Form…

  • Smarthouse Site Design

  • WMGB Home Improvement Site Design

  • Northeast Air Sealing Site Design

    When you have the time, would you mind creating the homepage and service page mock-ups for the new Northeast Air Sealing? This business has pretty much the same branding as Shakes To Shingles (that your team completed 🙂 ). Using the brand colors and logos, can you please copy the Shakes To Shingles theme and…

  • B•Alpha Site Design

    Hi @Katie Benedict! Can you please create a homepage mock-up in XD for the new B Alpha website using this WordPress theme and replacing it with the new branding (logo, colors, fonts, etc.)? Feel free to go bold on the sample images that we use for this. Maybe finding a way to do some graphical…

  • Greencat Site Design

    Website redesign using their brand colors and fonts.

  • Building Science Corporation

    Let’s work with Katie using the wireframes attached to create a modern design for the new BSC Drupal 9 website. We’ll want to keep the layouts as is from the wireframes, but how we choose to prettify the page look is open to interpretation. desktop prototype: basic mobile prototype:

  • Green Energy 360 Skin

    Ask: Can we please get your help taking this WordPress demo theme and updating it with the Green Energy 360 branding from their existing website? Here are their brand colors:Branded Blue: #1287B1Branded Red: #D6494BBranded Gray: #544740 I’ve attached the logo below as well. Please let me know if you have any questions and I’ll be…

  • clean energy connection website

    Clean Energy Connection

    Ask: Client needs a design that will allow users to compare and contrast contractors who are part of the clean energy connection California program. Users should be able to organize their search results by contractor name, category, zip code, and services offered. Results: I designed three pages for the client, a homepage, search page and…