Bovio Rubino Site Design

I would like to ask for your help formalizing a design direction for the Bovio Rubino Service website. Here are some details and specifications:

  • Bovio and Rubino are two HVAC companies in New Jersey which have recently merged to become Bovio Rubino Service. We are tasked with merging the two websites into one, rebranded single site which will eventually live at
  • We have a content strategy in place and the merger / optimization work is already well under way. Here is the new strategy if it’s at all helpful:
  • We are building the new site on WordPress, using a Generate Press theme, with some customizations applied. Ranga and Theo have already spun up the basic framework for the site with the new theme installed:
  • We also have a basic concept approved for the home page layout… this was a rough sketch I did to help the client visualize how the prebuilt theme might look when skinned with their brand standards and content (that concept sketch is attached)
  • The clients feedback on the sketch was – the general layout and structure / content organization is approved. They’d like to see some different application of the color scheme (they didnt really specify what or how – just that they’d “Probably want to make some changes to the color styles” so that might be the first place to start?
  • Images, button styles, type treatment, colors, design embellishments (graphic separators, icons, arrow styles, etc) are all on the table – please take whatever creative liberties you recommend in changing those from the sketch.
  • The icons in the 6 boxes in the middle of the green panel were all just standard stock from Balsamiq and I am in no way tied to those – please revise as you see fit.
  • I have also attached their color guide with their logo and color scheme hex codes etc. please use this to inform styles
  • There are some additional logo files and other brand assets available in their client Drive folder here:
  • We also have access to any of the assets you see on either of the two existing sites: and so please let us know if we can pull anything for you?
  • The header style with the logo overlapping the top grey and orange bars was just an idea – I don’t love it. Their logo is tricky – very boxy with those four icons underneath it. There are other variations in that assets folder… I dont think we’re required to use any one over the other – but I know they like the full boxy version with all four icons so … I don’t know! Please again – take whatever liberties with that header layout as you see fit.