State 48 Homepage Redesign

Site goals:

  1. Convert visitors by calling or filling out the contact form.
  2. Convey experience and practical, realistic business philosophy & business style. “Tell the story.”
  3. Increase inquiries into the Plumbing area, and the Smart Maintenance offering. These are both starting small, but will be expanding in content, and in promotion, in 2020.

Key message:

A new way to cool: elevating the customer experience in the Arizona residential heating and cooling market, with personalized HVAC insight tailored to your specific requirements.

Aesthetic Comments from Client:

“I want the site visitors to be intrigued and not bored. I want them to click a CTA because it would be crazy not to. I want the photos to be stunning. And I want the colors to be rich and beautiful. But beyond all else, I want the site to help tell our story … leaving plenty of room for the reader to be able to INSERT HIMSELF OR HERSELF into our narrative. I want them to feel like we would be worthy of their money.”

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